Saturday, 29 January 2011


Finally i have my internet back for good now so ill be blogging as much as i did before!
Im getting my new camera next week i think, i dont know which one to get a fujifilm or nikon, both the photography ones but you can buy lenses for the nikon so im thinking ill get that one..
Ive decided to have a change and get a full fringe so im getting that done next week, also when i have some money going to buy some dye so that i can dipdye my hair..
Soon as i get my camera ill post lots of looks too!
Today im quite ill i think ive got the bug thats going round, so i might stay in bed mwuahaha!

A man came into my school yesterday to tell us about alcohol and drugs and he was a recovered alcoholic who told us about his life story and it was so heart warming i had tears in my eyes, He was a great inspiration. His name was Tom Fitzsimmons.
Also the other day i had a supply teacher from Canada he was really nice but people were making fun of him which i thought was so horrible. He was telling us that he likes to move around and hes been to America and Australia and many other countries, id love to do that when im older! I hopefully want to go all over the world and experience different countries cultures!

couple of outfits i made on polyvore-

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