Saturday, 27 November 2010


omg i love snow so much. winter is so much more exciting than summer

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Aw i love xfactor, if one direction dont win ill cry!
I mean mary is good but i wouldnt listen to her on my ipod, i really like katie too but her hair this week wasnt very nice i loved her old hair.
But one direction hottttttties!
I went to see harry potter yesterday it was absolutely amazing. I loved every bit of it except when someone died who im not going to say as i dont want to spoil it! But really the best film ive seen all year. Definitely recommend it to anyone and the ending just makes you want to see the next one, ooooh i cant wait!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Topshop Wish List.

Something i really really really want is a big fur coat and a chunky knitted cardigan, ive seen a few i like. At the moment ive really started to like leopard print.. i did want a leaopard print fur coat but on some people they can look really tacky and im worried it would on me.
Theres a few cardigans on topshop i like but the prices are a joke so i'll stick with primark.
Im also a really big fan of ebay i love it! I find lots of stuff on there, especially vintage things what are really lovely. its just getting the money together to buy them. oh well its christmas soon ill be able to splash the cash! :)
I like writing on here, it gives me somewhere i can just express all of the feelings of the day ive had.
I was just thinking about what colour i am going to dye my hair, im thinking a dark brown, my hair is already brown but id prefer it to be really dark so i dont have to keep on top of it all the time. I really wanted dark red hair but i tried it and it lasted for about 2 weeks and i dont really have the money to be buying hair dye every couple of weeks. So im thinking really dark brown, near enough black but i want people to know its brown.
I might use Loreal Excell 10 Brown Black.. 
My new pyjama bodysuit, its so cosy!
Today i tried a 'Screme Egg' (Made for Halloween, but i bought one in November as they were 12p on offer) Very Interesting. 

Harry Potter!

Well im majorly excited to see the new harry potter and the deathly hallows, im going on friday with my nanna and my little cousin.. speaking of my little cousin how beautiful is she? ..


Well Ive just got home..
In my last blog i was saying about getting my braces off and today i went to get them off. The appointment was at ten thirty but i got there a couple minutes late to find the appointment was at ten past ten. They let me off, so i went upstairs they got me really excited introducing thereselvs then the orthodontist came in looked at my teeth said they were all perfect except one. My tooth had turned around and i couldn't get them off! Now I have to wait until the 10th January. I knew id get bad luck.  
:(:( But then i went to teeside park and had a jacket potato and bought a pjama body suit, Minie Mouse!
I just want it to be bed time now so i can get all snuggled up in it and play on the playstation. Then watch Misfits hehehe

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

An official 'Blogger'

Well this is my first blog, ever. Ive looked at others but still i have no clue what to write, today has been an exciting day as its my last day with braces. I just know i wont be able to get to sleep now, ive been waiting far too long for them to be off . Goodbye braces, hello yummy teeth!