Monday, 31 January 2011


*going to try so some diy like this to my shorts* 

*want my hair like this*

*I need this shirt- literally NEED*

*Favourite cakes ever*

*I've always wanted one of these bikes*

Lately ive been really obsessed with the colour turqouise and other memaidy colours. I love anything to do with mermaids! These are only a tiny selection of my inspiration, but my tumblr is mainly my inspiration page and every single picture on there i love! I also really love glitter at the moment and in craft at school i use it far too much because its so pretty! I cant wait for summer, i wish i could spend it in america or australia with some random teenagers and go to beach parties and barbeques on the beach. Thats one of my biggest dreams ever! 

Sunday, 30 January 2011

-just because i love bruno mars' song and it looked cool.. 

Seaside Sunday

SundayToday i went to the beach about 5 minutes from my house to walk my dog-Indie. It was very chilly but i had alot of fun taking some photos and i hadn't been in a while. Im dreading school tomorrow because of my fringe and when you change something everyone always fusses and i really cant be bothered with it! 

Photos include Me, My mam(Rachel), My little brother(Taylor), My dog(Indie), And  My sister and step sister (Macy and Jodie) Who Yyu can slightly see in one of the pictures:)

Saturday, 29 January 2011

"Lace and Velvet. " by Emily Campbell on

"Lace and Velvet. " by Emily Campbell on ""

I just HAD to do it.



You know when you want something and then you decide you dont want it anymore you NEED it. Well thats what happened to me, so i decided to cut my hair into a full fringe, tell me if it looks okay!

lace and velvet

Vintage lace blazer, Velvet high waisted shorts, Topshop one shoulder leotard, Knee high socks(rolled up), Peep toe shoe boots.


Finally i have my internet back for good now so ill be blogging as much as i did before!
Im getting my new camera next week i think, i dont know which one to get a fujifilm or nikon, both the photography ones but you can buy lenses for the nikon so im thinking ill get that one..
Ive decided to have a change and get a full fringe so im getting that done next week, also when i have some money going to buy some dye so that i can dipdye my hair..
Soon as i get my camera ill post lots of looks too!
Today im quite ill i think ive got the bug thats going round, so i might stay in bed mwuahaha!

A man came into my school yesterday to tell us about alcohol and drugs and he was a recovered alcoholic who told us about his life story and it was so heart warming i had tears in my eyes, He was a great inspiration. His name was Tom Fitzsimmons.
Also the other day i had a supply teacher from Canada he was really nice but people were making fun of him which i thought was so horrible. He was telling us that he likes to move around and hes been to America and Australia and many other countries, id love to do that when im older! I hopefully want to go all over the world and experience different countries cultures!

couple of outfits i made on polyvore-

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I havent done a post in a while because of arguing with my mam and her taking the internet off me.. i only have an hour because im 'revising'. Eurgh i have a science test tomorrow, i've already had two but i think im going to do okay in this, at least you can resit.. Oh yeah i bought the top i said i was going to buy from ebay finally.. i just need to pay for it.
Im thinking of getting a full fringe im getting sick of my hair, i need a change but i know i will regret it.
Heres the top i bought the other day with some tights and peep toe heels, i look extremely fat but its because the top is such a big size so its all baggy :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Live every day like its your last.

Today i thought things were starting to look up but it wasnt, i was on my way to my little cousins second birthday when i saw on facebook that a lovely girl i talk to on there had passed away. I couldnt believe it, i was so shocked and i just couldnt help but cry. She was a year younger than me and had passed away in her sleep, she had nothing wrong with her at all. This happened to my step dad a couple of years ago, and i know how much of a shock it is to have someone one day and not have them the next. She didnt deserve any of this, she was so funny and seemed to always be in a good mood. All i know is that she is going to be a beautiful star and Heaven must of really needed an angel. She already has over a thousand members on the Rest in peace demi sharif page on facebook, so that just proves how loved she was and i dont think anyone will ever forget her..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Colours im going to buy from la riche when i have money!

Im just going to dipdye the end and if it doesnt work im just going to get coloured extensions glued in, i've wanted all these colours for ages and i know for a fact ill get told off at school but im not even bothered! I was thinking about just doing the turquoise but im not sure yet. Also ive ordered The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion, because i think its the perfect book for me!
My day today was okay, but its funny to think someone who was in my life yesterday isnt going to be in it anymore, even though i never had a chance anyway. Oh well

Also ive changed my tumblr to

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


A couple of outfits i made on polyvore..

I dont know what to call this post as its just random pictures about fashion and other stuff and then just about my day. I actually enjoyed school today, it was quite funny.. im starting to look forward to waking up on a morning but that will soon change! I have some art coursework i need to do and i need a printer so theres tomorrow dinner time down the drain.. I really need some money, like desperately! I need some new clothes, my mam bought me a top today and some plain black leggings, i actually really like the top.. heres a picture:)