Sunday, 9 January 2011


I feel like i havent blogged in forever! I get my braces off tomorrow for definate i think. It reminds me of my first ever blog when i thought i was getting them off and i was really excited, im not even that excited incase it doesnt happen for some reason or another.
I just watched angus, thongs and perfect snogging its one of my fave films i love it so much! I think its so life like and it just makes me happy, also it has a really good soundtrack which always makes a movie better.
Today i went on the wii fit i havent been on for a couple of weeks as ive been either busy or ill, but to my delight i did the body test and found out i have lost 8lbs, over half a stone:O Thats one thing i love about being ill, you loose weight. My mam couldnt beleive it she was really proud of me even though i havent even done anything except lay in bed, have coughing fits and throw up every meal i eat!
Anyway i havent posted a picture in a while i dont think, mainly because i have nothing to post. Ill be posting a picture of my teeth tomorrow, a before and after just to show how much braces actually work as my teeth were disgusting before. Oh and i love this tattoo..

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