Thursday, 20 January 2011

Live every day like its your last.

Today i thought things were starting to look up but it wasnt, i was on my way to my little cousins second birthday when i saw on facebook that a lovely girl i talk to on there had passed away. I couldnt believe it, i was so shocked and i just couldnt help but cry. She was a year younger than me and had passed away in her sleep, she had nothing wrong with her at all. This happened to my step dad a couple of years ago, and i know how much of a shock it is to have someone one day and not have them the next. She didnt deserve any of this, she was so funny and seemed to always be in a good mood. All i know is that she is going to be a beautiful star and Heaven must of really needed an angel. She already has over a thousand members on the Rest in peace demi sharif page on facebook, so that just proves how loved she was and i dont think anyone will ever forget her..

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