Sunday, 2 January 2011

Wish wish wish

Today i thought that i would tell you everything i want and wish for..
(warning- this post is going to sound very demanding and spoilt but im really not like that, i just thought id share some of my wishes)
Here goes..

I wish i had an unusual, cute, hippy name like-
Effy,Freya,Bernadette,Lacy,Liberty,Riley,Brooklyn,Lola or Willow
My name is so flat and boring and really doesn't catch anyone's attention or make people think 'she sounds interesting'. Also haven't you noticed famous people always have really cool names, if i became a celebrity no one would care about Emily Campbell compared to if i was called Effy Campbell. Id love to change my name if i moved to America or something but i wouldn't be brave enough.

I wish i had a talent..
I really wish i could dance, ever since i was little i wanted to start dancing. Ive always wanted to be a ballerina because they are so pretty and elegant and they always look so beautiful. But then after the street dancing revolution started i wanted to be a street dancer, i love they're style and all the different moves. I went to drama class when i was about 9/10ish and i hated it, i hated the way you had to rehearse over and over again until you practically dreamt about it at night. I know this doesn't sound logic that i wanted to be a dancer, i went to drama school and hated rehearsing? But i asked my mam over and over to go dancing and it never happened so i went to drama school.. If i started dancing now it wouldn't feel right. Id hate to be the new girl whos never ever did dancing before and isn't even that good. Plus you need to be skinny and i have a really podgy belly which id have to get rid of! If i was to start dancing now id want to do it somewhere far away, and id do ballet because of how beautiful and peaceful it is.

I wish i lived somewhere interesting..
Id love to live in America or Australia or somewhere that everyone knows where it is, somewhere that has beaches and swimming pools in your back garden. The only thing is my dream is to live in them places now, or from when i was younger so i had lots of friends to have pool party's with and just to grow up as a teenager in a cool place like that.
I live in a place no ones heard of with a couple of houses, a newsagents and a chip-shop. I hate it. And when im older i really hope to move away and have lots of money so i can come visit my mam every couple of months!

I wish i had lots of money..
Ive grown up seeing prettier, popular people than me be spoilt rotten with things they simply want. Don't get me wrong my mam definitely has give me things i want and treat me well but i just really wish my mam was wealthy, so that our family could be really happy and not have to worry about money problems all the time. Money rules this world and i hate it, i just wish everyone had money so everyone could get what they want when they deserve it and not live on the streets or in poverty.

I wish my appearance looked like this..
I wish i had long thick dark brown hair which sat just above my hips. Cheekbones and a couple of cute freckles. Huge emerald green eyes with long eyelashes. Plump rosy lips. Perfect white teeth(Which ill hopefully have soon, once my braces are off) I wish i was around 5.6 with a flat toned stomach, and naturally tanned skin. Thin long legs and collar bones and hips bones that stand out in the right way. And quite small boobs.
I see alot of near-enough-perfect girls on the internet and some i see in real life, i envy them alot and i wish they'd realise how lucky they are, but most girls want to look like something else and im sure most girls dont think theyre perfect. This is how id love to look, hopefully as i get older i might become a bit prettier. I really do hope.

If you did waste your time reading this, which im probably sure nobody did then..
Thankyou for listening to me blab on about my person problems and i hope everyone doesnt have as many wishes to change things as i do. And i hope all your dreams and wishes come true (very clichè but oh well)

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