Monday, 17 January 2011

People and places

Current Mood: Thinking about stuff(not a mood but oh well)
Current Location: Bed once again:)

Okay so i've been thinking about college and stuff once again, i actually cant wait to leave, i really hope this year goes quick so i can be in year 11 and be excited for leaving woooo! I just cant wait to go to college and change into a total different person, get a tattoo on my neck because ive wanted one for so long and just wear random weird but nice clothes for college and not be bothered about what people think. Im going to keep myself to myself in college and get on with stuff, i cant be bothered with other people and the effort of making new best friends, id rather just get on with my own thing and see my friends who go to other schools and colleges.
Also i was thinking, i wish i lived in a place which had a bit of character, where everyone knew where it was and how to get there and everyone just wanted to be there. But no i live in a crappy place in the north east of england. (ADVICE- DO NOT MOVE TO THE NORTH EAST OF ENGLAND)
 em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.s. considering its monday, im in quite a good mood!

I want a tattoo like this, but i want this bird instead of the one on her neck.. 

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