Sunday, 16 January 2011

Playing around

Okay so yesterday i downloaded a program called GIMP, funny name but yeah its exactly the same as photoshop (i couldnt afford to buy photoshop) 
I dont really know how to use it yet, so i've been googling all my questions about it and i found a few really handy tutorials on this website actually! Im still trying to work out how i can put my image that ive separated from my background onto another picture (If you know please tell me!)
Heres a few things ive done, they look seriously rubbish but im just playing around :) 

 I dont like this one but i was just experimenting with the pattern tool, i wanted to try make the pattern image bigger and this is about as big as i could get it,which doesnt look very good because you dont really know what it is its that small! The top image was my first ever time using it and i had just learnt how to cut out the image and remove it from the background and then i didnt have a clue how to change the actual background so i just changed it to a simple colour. 

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