Friday, 18 March 2011

Hello Strangers

I haven't been on this in what feels like forever, tumblr has taken over my life unfortunately and im becoming more obsessed with that than facebook. I haven't really been up to much recently, except ive been on my work experience all week at a bridal shop and got myself a saturday job, its totally different than what i thought it would be, its such hard work. You have to stand all day except half an hour for your dinner, i have to lift dresses back and forth which are nearly as heavy as me, and you have to lace up all the dresses, keep them neat etc. It really is hard work!
I made some america flag shorts this week from jeggings so they're kind of like bike shorts, theyre not very good haha. I also got a new top from asos with the american flag on (quite obsessed) and two other tops from primarni ;) a tiger top and a baggy one. I bought some cream and lilac flowers from hobbycraft too, to make another flower headband! I tried dip dying my hair but it only went the tiniest bit lighter i need to buy some bleach. Skins finished this week, i now have nothing to look forward to on a thursday. Thats about it i think, im not writing to much or putting pictures because im really tired after working 9-5 every day including tomorrow because we have Ronald Joyce (expensive wedding dress designer) weekend. Goodnight :)

Friday, 18 February 2011

New camera

I got my camera this week,i love it so much! Not much to talk about, ive broke up from school and thats about it. Oh and im in on my own this weekend:(

Heres a few snaps..

Please dont take the photos without asking, or just simply link me underneath to this blog or my tumblr, thanks! x

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I had a great weekend with my best friend, we had a big catch up and spent most of the weekend watching skins. I realised how obsessed i am with jack o'connell (cook from skins) and my friend did too when she told me off for saying 'hes so beautiful' every two minutes. I finished off the weekend with a big sunday dinner absoloutely stuffed me, not good when your wearing a leotard bodysuit thing and your bellys the size of a pregnant woman. Oh well it was yummay..
Valentines day tomorrow, to be honest i really dont care i almost forgot about it! My mam said i could have a party next friday but im not really close to anyone in my school so i would have like no one to invite and it would end up being a failure probably..
On friday my form tutor gave me a furry headband she's made herself!  I love it, shes really nice! :)
Im so glad i brake up on thursday for a week, i think i deserve it!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


So today has been boring, actually my week has been. Even though i've been in quite a good mood, when i think about the fact i have no money and no decent clothes it makes me so depressed. I changed my tumblr url today to, just because my other one was boring and recently ive been obssessed with mermaids and glitter. In art and craft i try to find any possible way to use the glitter, i like mixing all the colours up! I had tripple art today, i continued on my final design based on a girl i know.. Ive changed her quite alot though adding hunter wellies. bracelets and changed her hand to make a peace sign, just so it would fit in with my festival theme. I have to use different media instead of only paint, so i've hand made some little denihm shorts and a crop top out of materials. I have until april to finish my project so i think i'll be fine because im quite a quick worker.
I cant explain how glad i am its friday tomorrow. I tidied all my bedroom tonight and changed it quite a bit, ready for one of my bestest friends to sleep yey! I need to watch skins, but if i do i have to watch it downstairs and last time a spider came on my shoulder and i had a panic attack so im debating whether or not i should go down haha!
Im getting my camera on monday, a nikon one.. im quite excited. Ive been waiting ages. Ill probably post over the weekend but if not ill take lots of pictures on monday with my camera and post them :)
Good night and have a good weekend..

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Just some simple headbands i made from some spare material :)
Ignore my face- no makeup and my hair was still wet!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

30 day challenge in one day

Im extremely bored so i thought i would answer these now..
1. My middle name is June, its also the month i was born, its quite simple and okay i suppose. 
2. I only have my belly button pierced, it hurt quite alot.. Ive had my ears done a number of times but they always close up. Im too young for a tattoo but i hope to get a few. 
3. Probably Skins or Misfits, but i preferred Series 3 of Skins
4. My closest friend i hardly see anymore and my new school i dont really have any close friends.. 
5. Turqouise, Peach, Purple 

6. I cant choose between summer and winter, Winter is beautiful because i love the snow and its always guarenteed to be cold. Where as summer in england, you are lucky to get a hot day, but when you do i love it! 
7. I found tumblr quite a while ago, probably from a friend and its just made me more addicted to my computer
8. I used to do quite alot of excercise but now i do nothing really. I need to do more:(
9. I dont really understand what that is..
10. I have a dog called Indie, Two cats, Herbie and Mitsie and a kitten Bubbles, i love them alot! When im older i want a husky called swayze.
11. The script erm i like paramore abit, i actually dont know.
12. I love harry potter i think its such a good story and ill be sad to see it end!
13. I used to love it when i was younger, still love it now. Its so funny:)
14. I have a brother and sister, Taylor and Macy and a step brother Jonathan, Im the oldest and i hate it.
16. Enchanted, Princess and the frog, Cinderella
17. I used to have uggs, i loved them they're so comfy. I think the style was ruined when people wore them with tracksuit bottoms or made them look cheap and horrible.
18. Yes
19. Hmm JM. I think im not sure ahhhh i just think hes cute. Oh and of course JO for jack oconnell from skins yummay
20. Nope
21. Art
22. Erm i used to do trampolining, i dont do anything now. Id love to do ballet. And my hobbies are doodling , photography, going on my computer and giving people makeovers!
23. Shes over rated and over the top and her music gets over played and over annoying.
24. I havent been to the cinemas in ages.The last thing i saw was Harry Potter which was a long time ago!
25. Leisure- Was summer last year i read 'Festival'    School- I read 'Of mice and men'
26. I really want to go to america - new york, miami, los angeles, las vegas etc.
27. Girl- Effy, Willow and Crystal  Boy- Elliot, Cruz and Benji  Pet-Swayze, Indie and Dora
28. Probably danny from mcfly..
29. Its so cheesy but i love it!

Monday, 7 February 2011


Well i have a topshop wishlist, it came to £260.50 which i definitely cant and never will be able to afford but i know that i really want the jeans and frayed plain top. Oh and definitely the boots of any colour i wouldnt mind.
I need to sell stuff, stuff that i dont even have. I am selling my camera for £40, its a samsung pl55 reddy/pink. If you need any more information message me on here (if you can?) or on facebook  I also have some real UGG wedge sandals which im selling for £30

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Today i had to explain to my craft class what a blog is! Then miss let me take a picture of my work to go on it,so heres my final design for my patchwork, which is getting printed onto a jar?! 
Im going for a meal on friday with a few people from school i dont have a clue what to wear! :(

Monday, 31 January 2011


*going to try so some diy like this to my shorts* 

*want my hair like this*

*I need this shirt- literally NEED*

*Favourite cakes ever*

*I've always wanted one of these bikes*

Lately ive been really obsessed with the colour turqouise and other memaidy colours. I love anything to do with mermaids! These are only a tiny selection of my inspiration, but my tumblr is mainly my inspiration page and every single picture on there i love! I also really love glitter at the moment and in craft at school i use it far too much because its so pretty! I cant wait for summer, i wish i could spend it in america or australia with some random teenagers and go to beach parties and barbeques on the beach. Thats one of my biggest dreams ever!