Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bla bla bla

Current Mood- Tired/Relaxed/Bored
Current Location- Bed

Well today i planned to stay in bed for the whole day but then the little girl out the back wanted me to go play with her and i couldnt say no to a little cutie like her. She calls me 'nem nem' shes two, and shes really clever for a two year old! I found out today that they're moving away and im really good friends with the little girls mam. I cant believe they're moving im going to have nothing at all to do because my village is so remote and boring she was the only person i could actually talk to!
Today I wore khaki sweat pants and A striped oversized tee with my nike dunks, i really couldnt be bothered making an effort so it was quite casual..  Heres a few photos of the little girl i was talking about, and some other random snaps..
2010 in pictures.. 
 Cheeky chops 
 Shes so cute 
 I give her a bath,then she was saying meow pretending to be a cat with her dressing gown on! 
 My gorgeous little kitten sleeps in the weirdest places ever(this is a fruit bowl)

I like this tee ..

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