Thursday, 10 February 2011


So today has been boring, actually my week has been. Even though i've been in quite a good mood, when i think about the fact i have no money and no decent clothes it makes me so depressed. I changed my tumblr url today to, just because my other one was boring and recently ive been obssessed with mermaids and glitter. In art and craft i try to find any possible way to use the glitter, i like mixing all the colours up! I had tripple art today, i continued on my final design based on a girl i know.. Ive changed her quite alot though adding hunter wellies. bracelets and changed her hand to make a peace sign, just so it would fit in with my festival theme. I have to use different media instead of only paint, so i've hand made some little denihm shorts and a crop top out of materials. I have until april to finish my project so i think i'll be fine because im quite a quick worker.
I cant explain how glad i am its friday tomorrow. I tidied all my bedroom tonight and changed it quite a bit, ready for one of my bestest friends to sleep yey! I need to watch skins, but if i do i have to watch it downstairs and last time a spider came on my shoulder and i had a panic attack so im debating whether or not i should go down haha!
Im getting my camera on monday, a nikon one.. im quite excited. Ive been waiting ages. Ill probably post over the weekend but if not ill take lots of pictures on monday with my camera and post them :)
Good night and have a good weekend..

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  1. Ooooh, I love that bird ring!
    What a lovely blog you have, it is beyond me why more people aren't commenting.
    Great job lady!