Sunday, 13 February 2011


I had a great weekend with my best friend, we had a big catch up and spent most of the weekend watching skins. I realised how obsessed i am with jack o'connell (cook from skins) and my friend did too when she told me off for saying 'hes so beautiful' every two minutes. I finished off the weekend with a big sunday dinner absoloutely stuffed me, not good when your wearing a leotard bodysuit thing and your bellys the size of a pregnant woman. Oh well it was yummay..
Valentines day tomorrow, to be honest i really dont care i almost forgot about it! My mam said i could have a party next friday but im not really close to anyone in my school so i would have like no one to invite and it would end up being a failure probably..
On friday my form tutor gave me a furry headband she's made herself!  I love it, shes really nice! :)
Im so glad i brake up on thursday for a week, i think i deserve it!

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