Friday, 18 March 2011

Hello Strangers

I haven't been on this in what feels like forever, tumblr has taken over my life unfortunately and im becoming more obsessed with that than facebook. I haven't really been up to much recently, except ive been on my work experience all week at a bridal shop and got myself a saturday job, its totally different than what i thought it would be, its such hard work. You have to stand all day except half an hour for your dinner, i have to lift dresses back and forth which are nearly as heavy as me, and you have to lace up all the dresses, keep them neat etc. It really is hard work!
I made some america flag shorts this week from jeggings so they're kind of like bike shorts, theyre not very good haha. I also got a new top from asos with the american flag on (quite obsessed) and two other tops from primarni ;) a tiger top and a baggy one. I bought some cream and lilac flowers from hobbycraft too, to make another flower headband! I tried dip dying my hair but it only went the tiniest bit lighter i need to buy some bleach. Skins finished this week, i now have nothing to look forward to on a thursday. Thats about it i think, im not writing to much or putting pictures because im really tired after working 9-5 every day including tomorrow because we have Ronald Joyce (expensive wedding dress designer) weekend. Goodnight :)

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