Tuesday, 8 February 2011

30 day challenge in one day

Im extremely bored so i thought i would answer these now..
1. My middle name is June, its also the month i was born, its quite simple and okay i suppose. 
2. I only have my belly button pierced, it hurt quite alot.. Ive had my ears done a number of times but they always close up. Im too young for a tattoo but i hope to get a few. 
3. Probably Skins or Misfits, but i preferred Series 3 of Skins
4. My closest friend i hardly see anymore and my new school i dont really have any close friends.. 
5. Turqouise, Peach, Purple 

6. I cant choose between summer and winter, Winter is beautiful because i love the snow and its always guarenteed to be cold. Where as summer in england, you are lucky to get a hot day, but when you do i love it! 
7. I found tumblr quite a while ago, probably from a friend and its just made me more addicted to my computer
8. I used to do quite alot of excercise but now i do nothing really. I need to do more:(
9. I dont really understand what that is..
10. I have a dog called Indie, Two cats, Herbie and Mitsie and a kitten Bubbles, i love them alot! When im older i want a husky called swayze.
11. The script erm i like paramore abit, i actually dont know.
12. I love harry potter i think its such a good story and ill be sad to see it end!
13. I used to love it when i was younger, still love it now. Its so funny:)
14. I have a brother and sister, Taylor and Macy and a step brother Jonathan, Im the oldest and i hate it.
16. Enchanted, Princess and the frog, Cinderella
17. I used to have uggs, i loved them they're so comfy. I think the style was ruined when people wore them with tracksuit bottoms or made them look cheap and horrible.
18. Yes
19. Hmm JM. I think im not sure ahhhh i just think hes cute. Oh and of course JO for jack oconnell from skins yummay
20. Nope
21. Art
22. Erm i used to do trampolining, i dont do anything now. Id love to do ballet. And my hobbies are doodling , photography, going on my computer and giving people makeovers!
23. Shes over rated and over the top and her music gets over played and over annoying.
24. I havent been to the cinemas in ages.The last thing i saw was Harry Potter which was a long time ago!
25. Leisure- Was summer last year i read 'Festival'    School- I read 'Of mice and men'
26. I really want to go to america - new york, miami, los angeles, las vegas etc.
27. Girl- Effy, Willow and Crystal  Boy- Elliot, Cruz and Benji  Pet-Swayze, Indie and Dora
28. Probably danny from mcfly..
29. Its so cheesy but i love it!

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