Thursday, 9 December 2010


Well today has been boring, off school again. Speaking of school they rang me today to talk about my work experience and i had to apply to a couple, to be honest i couldn't find anything i really really wanted to do. In the end i applied to work at International- the clothing store (it was the best one there -.-) And to Pretty Picture Bridal Boutique.
I liked the sound of the bridal boutique because id love to just watch the wife-to-be's try on their dresses and to see there faces when they find the right one, it probably wont be like that but oh well.
I have to choose a third one theres another retail store called Upton & Sons but im not sure what it is, ive googled it but i cant find anything. and there is Contemporary in guisbrough which is a really good hairdressers.
Im confused! but i actually cant wait to do work experience :)

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