Saturday, 11 December 2010


The only reason i actually like blogger is because when i have no one to talk to i can just write what im thinking on here, that sounds sad but i feel i can just let out all my feelings. So here goes.

11th December 2010
Today I was woke up at around 9am by a phone call from my mam, not what i needed when id fell asleep at half 4. Shes in italy visiting my grandma because shes really ill, but anyway she started talking asking if i was okay then suddenly she said i need to tell you something. In a way i knew what she was going to say, my heart sunk, it hurt to talk, she told me what was wrong and i couldnt help but cry.
Sadly my grandma passed away in her sleep, it was like the end of the world, my grandma was my world, my everything. Today ive cried at just about everything, i dont really have anyone to talk to because my mam is away, I just like  to think that heaven has gained the best grandma in the world and they must of really needed her to of taken her away at such a young age. I love her so much and id do anything to bring her back but im just glad she is out of pain and enjoying herself with her feet up probably listening to bruce springsteen(she was obsessed).
Love you forever grandma, you will be dearly missed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

'It's rainin' but there ain't a cloud in the sky
Musta been a tear from your eye
Everything'll be okay
Funny thought I felt a sweet summer breeze
Musta been you sighin' so deep
Don't worry we're gonna find a way

I'm waitin', waitin' on a sunny day
Gonna chase the clouds away
Waitin' on a sunny day' 


  1. this made me cry :( hopeee your okay, remember your lucky! mine passed away when i was younger but i remember everything about her x

  2. Aw olivia i just saw this thankyou! And yeah i guess i am lucky. Its her memorial service tomorrow and im reading a poem im going to be so scared! Thankyou x