Monday, 27 December 2010

Nerves of cotton wool.

Well tomorrow is my grandmas memorial service, its like a funeral but without her being there because she lived in Italy. Im really nervous and quite sad, im going to be reading a poem i made up about her. Its only short but i think if i read anything longer id probably pass out as i hate reading infront of people. My mam informed me theres going to be ALOT there too, so that didn't make things any better. If i do read it im just going to pretend no one else is there and that im just reading it in my bedroom on my own.
I hope its not a sad day, i know that sounds wrong because its a funeral, but it would be better if everyone could just smile and laugh about all the memories than cry because she wouldn't of wanted that.

Anyway i thought id share my poem, its not very good mind.. 

'Grandma you were so special, definately one of a kind 
You were always there when i needed you, and knew what was on my mind 
I loved the way you made me laugh and and all the times we shared 
I loved the way you were so crazy and cuddled me if i was scared
Grandma i will miss you but i know you will be happy,
Partying and having fun with the rest of our family
I love you so very much and glad your out of pain 
I know that you wont be forgotten, until we meet again 
So now to end this special rhyme
Please make sure to send a shooting star sometime' 

Oh and the shooting star bit is because when i went to Italy we would always sit in the garden for hours looking for shooting stars.
I better get some sleep now. Goodnight♥

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