Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Random pictures i liked-

Today i received my school photo and to be honest i look like a chipmunk! The one day i actually wear my hair up i have to get a school photo, so annoying. Anyway i cant wait to break up from school, everyone is breaking up this friday but my school doesnt finish till next tuesday:(
Oh well.

My mam came home from italy today after sitting with my annoying brother and sister waiting for her guessing the scores on come dine with me. She gave me the things my grandma had left for me, they're was two gift wrapped little pouches which had a jesus bracelet in each. It made me cry because she thought of the little things and thats what count the most. Also she gave me a picture which had been painted on a dish of her old dog ben, which was really special to her! My mam also  brought a couple of her scarves home for us to keep. Im not sure which one i want yet but i love them all they all have my grandma written all over them<3

Now im just chilling in bed, i played million pound drop live earlier and came out with £25,000 after a retry haha!
I have tripple art and christmas dinner tomorrow at school so im quite looking forward to it. I love art i really do but there is so much work involved:( Im using a few photos from lookbook and one of a girl i know which is lovely, for my final idea designs..

Gooooodbye x

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