Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow,snow,and more snow.

Hello, I couldn't possibly describe how bad my week has been. Apart from the fact i've been off school for a week due to the snow my week has been terrible its asif its my time for bad luck and i've got aload thrown at me! Anyway i have to say the snow is quite beautiful, i love the feeling when you wake up on the morning and open your curtains just as normal and you see that your normal ugly neighbourhood has been made perfect by a layer of white snow! Its been getting heavier all week and because my school is quite a while from my home its been shut since friday so i've been bored all week.
1st December- Exciting as i searched for the number 1 on my advent calender and opened it to a nice 'cracker shaped' dairy milk chocolate. Then i was told the horrible news thats definately going to make my christmas the worst one by far.
2nd December- I went sledging with my cousin.. to be honest i just wanted to get out of the house i wanted to just be out in the snow away from everyone and everything, I took a couple of photos just to put into my Winter album.. I dobt ill have many pictures with my friends in winter(Im going to blog about this later)
Heres a few pictures i took whilst sledging, sorry about the bad quality i had to use my phone as i am loaning my camera to someone :)

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