Thursday, 18 November 2010


Well Ive just got home..
In my last blog i was saying about getting my braces off and today i went to get them off. The appointment was at ten thirty but i got there a couple minutes late to find the appointment was at ten past ten. They let me off, so i went upstairs they got me really excited introducing thereselvs then the orthodontist came in looked at my teeth said they were all perfect except one. My tooth had turned around and i couldn't get them off! Now I have to wait until the 10th January. I knew id get bad luck.  
:(:( But then i went to teeside park and had a jacket potato and bought a pjama body suit, Minie Mouse!
I just want it to be bed time now so i can get all snuggled up in it and play on the playstation. Then watch Misfits hehehe

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